Well I have been looking at natural hair remedies. Let me tell you the ladies on Nappturality know their stuff but so does my friend. She is indian and she has been telling me of natural remedies that they use
First there is Shikakai which is a natural shampoo.

“Shakakai” which means fruit of the hair and is a low ph balanced fruit used as shampoo and conditioning. the stuff i read on the web says that it promotes hair growth and helps prevents dandruff basically the powder form is mixed with water to make a paste and used as shampoo

Fenugreek which is a herb, she says that I should mix it with plain natural yoghurt and apply to scalp and that it does good stuff for scalp and hair.mmm yoghurt in hair…recently found that people use mayo in hair so i am assuming it cant be that bad

Though my first natural remedy will be a product called Vatika. My friend gave this to me. The bottle says that it is premium coconut hair oil enriched with Henna , Amla and Lemon(oil). You apply to the scalp and hair. The bottle says best results leave overnight but i am going to use it as a pre-shampoo treatment. I am sure there many other ways to use this.

I also have in my natural collection – pure coconut oil, coconut oil (not pure as mixed with other stuff), Castor Oil, Glycerin and Coco butter oil…Its like i never knew afro hair shops sold most of these. well i cant waut till i BC so i can use them all depending on style.

Must not forget Aloe Vera gel…the thing is though how do i know if i am getting 100% pure stuff i have an aloe vera plant(single bible) mmm…on a mission to find out how.