I finally decided to put my hair in one of my preferred styles Twist Extensions. After a few months of weave good and bad a time for a new look was needed. When taking my weave out that I used a lace front closure with I accidentally cut my own hair. I basically was using the razor that people use to trim their eyebrows. I was not using a mirror and thought the thread was extra tough and ended up cutting right through my hair braid. It has meant that one side of my hairline is butchered whilst the other is okay.
My stylist loved the fact that all my hair is natural. She told me the condition was good and that the back has more body than the front. So I do wonder what can I do to increase the the front of my hair.
I have some pictures of my hair out prior to the extensions which I hope to post later on this week.
In the meantime here is a video of my new hairstyle. It is a weak old in this video.