Primark Makeup

Whilst browsing Instagram, I came across a beautiful lip colour called Kiki. It was a liquid lipstick from Primark. Knowing the price would be very affordable I decided to purchase a few products to see what they are like. I really do need to just buy one or two products and not a whole collection when they are new to me. I never account for if I will not like all that I purchase.

So I bought the Ps Matte Liquid Lipsticks in shades Kourtney, Kylie and Kiki.

Overall these are ok but they flake easily and will require re-application a few times a day. The darker shade such KiKi gave the best wear. Though once I ate food it required a re-aplication which is understandable.

PS Pro Ultrashine Lip gloss : Vintage Vamp, Baby Doll – These remain shiny and do not become matte.

 PS Pro Liquid Lipsticks: Nude in Private, Rouge in Danger

These are the best Liquid lipsticks by Primark. They last a good length of time and formula is clearly different to the non pro versions. 

Beauty blender sponges

The PS Matte Eye shadow palette

I think I will try their makeup brushes next as I saw a fan brush that caught my eye.

Overall I am pleasantly pleased with the makeup I bought especially the PS Pro Liquid lipsticks.