Well it has been a long time since I have written in my hair diary. I just stumbled on it today. So here is what’s new
I have successfully put my entire head in single braid extensions. So proud of myself. Basically I have always wantd to do this but finally decided aftr some events words that I need to stop depending on people to do my hair. I should only be spending the cost of the hair. Plus those who do my hair for free I often feel it’s a chore to them. But anyways I am very happy. When I last took my hair out and was blow-drying my hair I felt rough hair at the line of demarcation. Its what is called scab hair. Its texture is in such contrast to the rest of my hair , well at least it will get rimmed off eventually.

My next task is to be able to do extension canerows in my hair. I am gathering info on home recipes for hair care.