My good friend Mary did these micro braid extensions for me. She says there is no excuse for a mother not to have her hair styled. Bless her.

If they look tight that is because they are.

My hair has been braided using Jazzy Kanekalon fibre. It is only braided about an inch and half which meant lots of my own hair is left out. Then the hair is braided into 5 or 6 big tight braids hence the extra tension on my scalp.

Then the hair is dipped into boiling hot water for about a minute. This curls the hair or gives it a waved crimped look. Now when this was done in my hair the hair was unraveled wet. Which meant when it dried although moisturised my hair frizzed up, Next time my hair will be left in the big braids untill completly dry so that my own hair stays in that style shape.

Now i have taken these out but found one of the braids came out by itself. From my investigation it was on my hair line. Which feels tender. Lesson learned. Next time i will insist my hair line is not braided so tight and that i take them out sooner.

Oh yeah please note yet again it took me over a week to take these out even though it wasnt plaited down to the length of my hair. micros and newborns are a no no. if it wasnt for another friend i would still be taking them out now