Whilst getting ready to go out last night and eager to do my makeup, I thought i would shape my eyebrows myself. Usually my husband takes a fresh razor and gives them a nice shape. He usually refuses to let me tell him how to shape them. Well as he was not in yet I figured I would use my bikini trimmer, which I never use for the bikini area and shape my brows myself. 
shaved off eyebrow

I was not being as careful as I should be and ended up having one shapely brow and and one shaven off. Thankfully I have the E.L.F. eyebrow kit and loads of kohl pencils. I drew it back on the best I could. Now I know the end result does not look as perfect as some of the ladies I see on YouTube but in the dark no one could tell. I have learned my lesson. However I do want to be able to shape my brows myself so may have to watch some more tutorials. In the meantime, I will have to draw on my brow until the hair grows back.
somewhat fixed eyebrow