I need to stay either out of town or just not go to Boots. I thought those empty shelves would be clear by now but it seems they still do have a few bits and pieces they are still trying to clear. So I splurged again. I do not know where my receipt is but all items were about 75% off in Boots. I have browsed their website and they have some products but many sold out too. It is worth taking a browse in the shop or online just in case. I was only really in Boots to redeem my £5 No7 voucher on some face wipes. Well my summer nail colours are covered for now. Well that was last week Saturday when I bought these items. Yet I confess I just got a delivery of ELF products. I must stay away from those darn beauty blogs. They make everything seem so warm and inviting so useful so justified so fool me. hah. 
This haul includes
Nail Color Lilac 530P
Nail Color Nude 800C
Nail Color Lilac 520P
Lip Gloss Purple 57 (it even has a blue ‘new’ sticker on it)
Lip Gloss Beige 80
Lip Gloss Pink 41