Today even after being told by a lovely blogger I would be better off getting a simple brow wax and tint I decided I would just try it out at least once. The salon I went to was really lovely and the lady who does the HD Brows is very nice and you can tell she is committed to her craft. 

The eyebrow before picture
Well as you can see from my previous eyebrow posts (when I have not butchered them), I have an ok natural shape but they don’t have that wow factor and are very pale. So the thought of being able to see them without pencilling them in was a good one for me. I should have had my brows tinted years ago. Makes such a difference.
Anyway I have not had any wax against my brows for at least a year if not longer. The session started off with my brows being tinted. We opted for a dark brown shade.  Though had the option to go darker. Then once tint was complete the shape was marked out and guides put in place before eyebrow shaping. This was followed by my eyebrows being waxed (ouch not felt that in awhile) then the odd bits tweezed off. She also did some threading to refine the shape but I could feel my hair line being threaded. Though as I looked at my before picture it could be just those odd bits of hair at the temple before my hairline and they were just removed to neaten up everything. My hairline is still intact so I am guessing.
HD Brows freshly done

With my friends discount for introducing me I only paid just over £18 plus I bought the Mii eyebrow pencil for £10. It was after I purchased it I realised I will be following my friend to the MAC store next week and could have invested in their Stud brow pencil which has been on my list of makeup items to buy for the longest.
Mii eyebrow pencil
My friends think my brows look amazing. They are definitely shaped well and different to my natural brow. I love the arch as it is not too severe. I can surely get back into the habit of having my brows done on a regular basis. I however right now will need to stick to a cheaper way of doing so.