I think I definitely am a person who loves Soap and Glory products. Not everything they make appeals to me but the body butters, shower gels and face scrubs are my fave. Money Saving Expert website newsletter always let’s you know when the offers will be available. I was so disappointed when the hat box came out a few years ago and I missed it. Last year I bought the Tote Bag and ended up giving away a few products as I bought two lots. I gave away the shampoos and some of the body scrubs. 

So this year I went to Boots to pick up the bargain buy. Boots staff were scattered around the shop to promote this product. I was a bit surprised when sales pitch lady comes from nowhere trying to sell me something I had already picked up firmly in my hand. If these are still in stock when I go back to Boots next week I might buy another one.  

Anyway I love the selection this year a lot more than the previous. So much stuff I will use myself and not give away. The products come in a big vanity case that has an internal drawstring cover. The original price for the set was £60 and I paid £25 as part of the deal plus it gave me 100 Boots Advantage card points. Not bad for 10 products that individually can cost you £5-10 on average each.

Clean on Me 500ml 
The Righteous Butter 300ml
Pulp Friction 250ml
Face Soap and Clarity 150ml
Heel Genius 125ml
Hand Food 125ml
Mist You Madly 250ml
Sexy Pucker Candy Gloss 7ml
Calm One Calm All 500ml
Off Your Face Wipes