Last week I was observing Instagram. I follow many beauty and fashion bloggers and makeup artists galore on there. I had already heard about the new Rihanna collections for MAC cosmetics. Then It looked like folk where waiting with anticipation for their order to process for Rihanna’s take on the cult classic Ruby Woo which is a matte red lipstick that every skin tone on the planet can wear with confidence. I have been a proud owner of this shade for the longest time. Thanks to all the amazing beauty enthusiasts out there.
So the UK was able to purchase the next day after the Americas. Thankfully I brought my laptop with me so I could clock watch when I visited friends. Purchases of RiRi Woo were limited to one per customer. I was one of those customers able to purchase it. In America alone it sold out in 3 hours and in the UK it sold out the same day. Not bad for an online only purchase.
To be honest RiRi Woo is only a very slight subtle change to Ruby Woo. It is slightly more moist but still a tad drying. Even the best of lips will benefit from a lip scrub and moisturiser to prevent chapped lip effects which a lipstick like this will clearly show up for all to see. The red is more juicier. Yes that is how I describe it. Was it worth the purchase yes and no. This purchase was mainly a hype buy and if you have Ruby Woo already you are not missing out on much except a bit more moisture and Rihanna’s signature embossed on the lipstick. Now there is a deep berry mauve-ish lipstick pictured in the promotional pictures which I would definitely want to buy. In the meantime I will just enjoy
indulging my love of makeup with or without hype.