Well I know I do not post often on here. However what I think may start doing shortly is sharing information on haircare that I like and intend to try at some point. I had my hair in a protective style. Just a short weave but I need to look into care of my hair underneath more. Decided on this style as previous styles means too much tension in one are on my head top was not working out. I have noticed I am getting scabs on my scalp that sort of remind me of relaxer burns. Yep that deep. Now my hairstylist does not braid my hair too tight and my scalp has been oiled. I just wonder if I need to switch to Jojoba oil or something. My scalp has always been super dry.
I am supposed to try using the rollerset method for future occasions when I wash and dry my hair. I have seen some great pics on that. My natural hair is shoulder length when blow dried. I have now after just over a month taken the weave out. With the summer like heatwave we have gotten in the UK over the past weeks I decided i needed to come out so I could give my hair a decent wash. The longest I should go without washing my hair is a week with no hair oil or I can get 2 weeks with an oiled scalp. When I do no t oil my scalp it gets really dry and sometimes scab in places. It may not be scabs could be dandruff. I may need to do a clarifying wash treatment or something. So I guess that will be my next research topic