One of the people I follow on twitter tweeted this video by @Chescaleigh. It is called “Shit white girls say to black girls”. Now I have seen some response videos that completely miss the point whilst others have expressed that it has been an eye opener. The part of this parody I relate to the most is the hair issues. In previous jobs schools I have had question after question thrown at me about my hair. These hair questions and the want to touch come hard and fast whether I wearing my own hair or extensions I bought. I have no qualms telling people when I have extensions that it is not mine but it becomes tiresome when everyday you are asked the same questions. Thankfully the last group I worked with had a more mature attitude and did not have desires to get in my hair with their fingers. But imagine even if it is not yours it is attached to you. I have had hair issues with other non African Diaspora races too. Having said that I know a few Black people that did not realise I had so much hair. Shame on them!!. 
Trivial things that have been said to me is that my own hair reminded someone of their pubic hair. Another lady touched my hair and was like “oh its so soft”, as if it was not going to be. Anyway if you have not seen this video take a look. It has gotten 3million views so far. The original video that has started  whole wave of these videos is called “Shit girls say” and is also worth a look.

Jessica Ramsey aka Chescaleigh explains her reasoning behind the video on Huffington Post

If we can’t laugh together we probably can’t grow together. Thoughts?