akon lightin africa pic

Akon is a successful international artists and producer. He has set about a task of giving light to rural communities in Africa in a cost effective way that improves their lives for the better. He has set up a foundation called Akon Lighting Africa alongside business partners Thion Niang and Samba Bathily. The website states that over 600million Africans do not have access to light especially in rural communities, in the evenings and this impacts their lives and often prevents them from doing basic things such as housework homework and cooking. It also impacts businesses and how they are able to function. As Africa has 320 days of light everyday from the sun, the project aims to harness solar power technology to bring light and electricity to many homes and communities.

Snoop Dogg recently brought this up to express the great work that Akon has been doing in Africa. For that I am thankful as I did not know about this. I love the fact that this project educates the youth to become engineers who will be able to maintain the solar power systems themselves making it self sustainable. It uses both public and private support. An initiative for for Africa that benefits Africa’s people is something worth talking about. Continue spreading the word.

Vist the Akon Lighting Africa website for more information.