So by now you should know that I am pretty much stagnate in “protective” styles aided by extensions and half wigs. However I am starting to venture into weaves especially for the brute winters we have in the UK. Yes I know its not as bad as other places but it is bad enough for me to feel it. Right now I am stil on the hunt for winter boots that can fit my calves. 
 Anyway as I prepped my own natural hair to be washed, I showed my husband how long the back was. It is almost APL. I dare not say it is APL because when I get it trimmed this month it will be just between. I also noted to him how the middle is shorter and the front even shorter. He claims he has the same issue. My sons always love seeing my hair and often comment on my various hairstyles. So today my oldest seeing my hair in its natural state said this to me: 
 Son ” Mum why do you wear hair when you have hair?” 
 Me ” Because I like to change styles often without damaging my hair” 
 Not sure if he was unimpressed with my answer he replied 
 Son “Only bald people are supposed to put hair on their head”
I can understand his analogy and at only 7yrs old I Am in awe of his observance and questions. I am slowly building up a healthy hair routine to see if I can get my middle and sides and hairline to reach the same lengths as the back of my hair. I air dried my hair today but on those dark winter nights this may not be possible depending on time of day. I will finally invest in some rollers and may try a rollerset challenge. I am inspired by EbonyCPrincess who although was natural and is now relaxed her blog and youtube channel is all about healthy haircare whatever the texture.
One more thing I revisited an old friend from my relaxed days. That is ORS Hair Mayonnaise. I left it on for about 30 minutes and my hair was so manageable and easy to detangle. I will try use this once every month or every other month depending,