BBC Scotland aired a show called The Street. It featured a Black man busking in Glasgow being racially and physically abused by two drunks. The busker’s name is Melo and he does not sit back and take the abuse at all. He tells them to leave him alone. When the skinny one goes to punch him he moves swiftly out the way and the drunk racist falls into the shutters and down the steps. When Melo is being called out of his name he shouts back yes I am Black and I am proud. Never let someone make you feel that your race is something to be ashamed of ever.
The clip does show passerby’s stepping in to help the busker just before the police turn up and arrest the larger man who continues to spew racist abuse. What is sad is that he blames someone based on the colour of their skin on the woes of city. How wrong is he. What I found even more interesting was that question is now being asked – Is Scotland racist? Scotland probably has its very own race issues like every other european city or town has. Question is has anything ever been done about it and how are communities engaged in dialogue. The UK as a whole has issues but not everyone wishes to talk about it. Silence is not the answer.
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