In the name of charity is it ever alright to depict a black child as a dog belonging to a white owner who is fed scraps off food to throughout the course of the day? Even if the message is to state that many children eat worst than dogs. This is what This is Africa is asking.  Take a look at the advert by Feed a Child South Africa. It just screams wrong, wrong, wrong. If this is how white South Africans see the indigenous Black populations poor children, what do they think of the rest? The advert is in one of the most poor tastes I have seen in a long while. I just wonder if poor white children are depicted in this way in South Africa. It is just bad really. The could have done this ad by showing a well fed dog and a child with an empty bowl at a dinner table to sat on a porch. If this is the box they are in, this charity needs to think outside of it.
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