I have been seeing this video making the rounds on FB for a few days now and finally decided to watch it. For those who do not know Katie Hopkins wrote an article for a newspaper a while back declaring that she forces her kids to segregate themselves from poor children. This video now also shows how she forms an opinion on a child based on their names. 
One thing her appearance on This Morning has proven is that she is indeed a bit of a snobbish hypocrite. She stated on the show she hates geographical names yet one of her kids is called India. She also has a child called Poppy. There are so many things that can be said about that name and what it stands for. Maybe she did not do her research. Maybe she forgot her recent fame is down to her being on a reality tv show. So much for her snob etiquette. 
I pray for her children. Simply because they are being taught discrimination is okay. What other criteria will they use to build a superiority complex as their mum moulds them in such a disgusting way. Shameful.