Jamelia natural hair collage

UK singer and Loose Woman panelist Jamelia has been wearing more natural hair styles lately. In a post on Facebook, she explained her journey to natural hair love was so that her daughters would love their own hair in its natural state.

“A Year ago today I did something for my daughters, I wanted to be the person they saw in the media with hair like theirs & LOVING it…Little did I know, it would be noticed and appreciated by so many more than the two little girls who call me “Mummy”. I receive emails, messages and letters from people thanking me for wearing my hair in its natural form. It’s kinda crazy when you think about it…I am in Love with my hair, and I’m just sorry I didn’t make the choice to return to being Natural a looooong time ago…but only when you know better, can you do better……” (source Jamelia FB Page)

Years ago Jamelia made a Hair documentary called, “Whose hair is it anyway?” In this documentary she explored temples in India where women and children had their hair clean-shaven off. They would do this to sacrifice beauty for a blessing. The temples then sell this hair on to the global hair extension market for profit and use the money to serve the community. She also explored how Russian hair often comes from poor communities who sell their hair for survival. Most of the hair extensions people get from China is Indian hair steamed or chemically processed to achieve a certain texture.

My own natural hair journey began in 2002. I had gotten what was to become my last ever relaxer and was suffering scalp problems. The relaxer was done in a salon using salon products yet my scalp had a dandruff field day. It was so thick and yellow and intense. Although the salon gave me free dandruff treatments for a few weeks I decided that I just did not want to relax my hair anymore. It was a choice my mum made for me back when I was about 4/5 years old. So I only knew to relax my hair. But over the years it became a chore and very expensive to maintain.

SoFrolushes Twistout hairstyle  2009

SoFrolushes 2009 Twist out Hairstyle

I used braid extensions, twist outs and braid outs. I would cut off the relaxer every few months till it was all gone. I frequented the newly emerging natural hair community forums, blogs and when YouTube emerged I gained access to even more knowledge and shared ideas. In the beginning I did the twists and braids and braid outs. I even had a preference for natural textured extensions if I wore them. These days I tend to wear protective styles. I need to find a handful of styles that I can wear all the time and are easy enough to do myself. I have gotten so lazy with my hair and have even considered returning to relaxing. Yet when I ponder this publicly so many of my friends encourage me to not go back as I have been on this Natural hair love for so long. I have friends who encourage me to wear my natural hair out more often. I just feel I need to lose some pounds first. That is just how I feel. I will pray about that.

It puts a smile on my face to see other Black Women embrace their natural hair. Especially Black British women. Now I have no issues with how people choose to wear their hair. Natural curly straight twisted braided slicked back shaved etc. Just be informed and speak positively over your hair. For so long Kinky curly hair was seen as bad hair whilst looser curls and waves were celebrated. So I love that kinkier textured hair styles even those whose curls are less defined are celebrated and receive love. I just need to find more people with tight afro kinky curly hair to watch on YouTube especially if they have medium length hair.

How do you wear your hair?

Are you natural but mainly wear protective styles?

Do you relax but wear natural style weave options?

As a natural have you tried any of the texture release products?

Whatever you do know that God made no mistake with our hair. Our hair is unique and deserves to be loved on!