I came across this wonderful article on the BBC news pages that proclaim Black teens university attendance has increased. Also they are now more likely to apply than their white counterparts.
There has been a big increase in applications from ethnic minority youngsters in England, particularly black teenagers, rising from 20% to 34% between 2006 and 2013. Chinese teenagers are the most likely to apply, followed by other Asian youngsters, with white teenagers the least likely to apply, with 29% seeking places.
“Our new analysis of demand by ethnic group shows that white pupils at English schools now have the lowest application rate of any ethnic group. There has been significant growth in demand from black pupils,” says Ms Curnock Cook, the UCAS chief executive.(source)
The current Conservative – Liberal Democrat shared government alliance has been making it harder and inaccessible for young people to go university. Fees have gone through the roof. Yet the very people who want you to pay never paid for theirs. I am just happy to know that this has not stopped the ambitions of young people. The survey overall said that 50% of teens apply to go. So all is not lost. I encourage everyone teen young adult and grown folk to go and get your education. There is a reason why privileged folk revere education. Don’t ever think it is not for you.