At the end of July Derby had their annual Caribbean Carnival. The procession started from the Market Place and the troupes danced their way to Osmaston Park.

This year the park had 3 Sound Systems which was a really good move. In previous years the music offering had dwindled down to just one sound. Yet prior to that big sounds from Derby, Birmingham and beyond always made an appearance at carnival.

The queues to get in the park were awfully long. More provision for park access should be made for wheelchair bound guests. Like a designated park entrance so they do not have to queue. I saw a wheelchair user struggling to get in and let them go in front of me but told them do not wait in line go straight to the front. I saw them later on the park and they said they they got in fairly easy once at the front.

I attended with friends and family and we all had a good time. I’ts may not be as big as it could be, but for Derby, the crowds come and enjoy themselves.

I compiled a video of the procession with a small snippet of the park antics in the video below.