My cousin sent me a link to this video. At first I was in complete agreement that the kids were seemingly out of control. The mum unfortunately has a couple of kids who clearly can push the wrong buttons and enjoy doing so. But then I watched it again. Now I know my view may not be the common view but I have taken my blinkers off. I am disregarding the name of the video and looking at this with an open mind.
What we have here is a child eaten some grapes in the supermarket. Many adults do this too to ensure they are sweet before deciding to buy. It may not be in agreement with the shop but it does happen. Now the guy behind the camera has been watching the scenario and decides to whip out his mobile phone and press record on the camera. Judging by the scenario that unfolds after I doubt he spoke to the mum before he decided to start his surveillance. He is saying the kids are bad and that the mum is a bad parent before we hear him notify the mother what her son is doing.
The mum confronts her son and he walks off. The mobile phone cameraman begins pursuit. Surely if his concern was to alert the mum of her child’s behaviour he should have walked off and carried on shopping. The child clearly can see that he is being filmed and in my opinion he is enjoying this. His sibling seems equally amused as the situation starts spiralling out of control. The child becomes hostile and attacks the mum back in defiance. He also becomes mouthy and very disrespectful. Now many will say the mum has lost control but the truth is children nowadays have more rights than back in the day. In school they are told how to send their parents to prison. So much for teaching kids the three R’s. 
The only sensible person in the video is the young man who stepped in and tried to calm down the mum and also admonished the children for their behaviour to their mum. It was very sad to see and watch all the same. Such a shame all the cameraman is concerned about is worldstar hiphop website which he repeatedly says towards the end. He is therefore equally accountable for the way things unfolded. Much respect to the man who stepped into the mix to try calm the situation down even if it seemed in vain.