Whitewashing still a thing

I came across a youtube channel called Last Week Tonight. They have a brilliant video on debt buyers which is what brought them to my attention. It seems the debt buyers of America are similar to the ones in the UK.

Whilst taking a look at their other videos I stumbled upon their offering regarding “Whitewashing”. Whitewashing is a major thing in Hollywood. When roles that require a Black person or any ethnicity that is not white, these would be given to White European actors. Many in the past would don Black Face. Where they literally painted their face with what looked like black shoe polish and then painted their lips bright red. Hence a caricature was created. This is why Black Face is still a major problem. It is a mockery of Brown and Black people. Modern Morris dancers who use Black face get the side eye. Apparently that was born out of a mockery or acting like a Moroccan king. Depends on which of the origins you go by.

Anyway this video as many others, shows the historical and modern context of whitewashing in Hollywood. It also shows a double standard. People being outraged when a Black actor is given a role traditionally given to a white actor, yet there is no whiteface taken place.  Such roles being the lead in Annie, a stormtrooper and the mere suggestion that a Black man could play 007 Bond. Not forgetting when a role is for a black person and people are outraged because a black person is actually cast.

Watch the video below as I do believe it explains it all well.