My heart bleeds for the parents of the missing school girls kidnapped whilst sitting or preparing to take their final exams. About 234+ girls were kidnapped. Some are said to have been sold as brides to rebels in neighbouring countries. The islamist group responsible have been very boastful of the fact they have done such a horrible crime. They are against western education for some reason and may have done more kidnappings. Social media users have been highlighting their plight for the past week and the mainstream media and international governments are now paying closer attention. Both the UK and USA have extended their hand to offer help. 40 girls are said to have escaped but the rest still remain missing and their lives are at risk whilst in the hands of their captors or worst forced marriage and conversion to the islamic faith.
The Root has a very good synopsis of events and some background info you can read it here.
CNN also gives a very good breakdown of events with updates to read you can click here.
Please keep the girls and their families in prayer!