I attended Leicester Carnival with my children this year. I had it in my head that the park was just up the road from the train station. However it was more up the hill, a very steep hill.

The moment we got on the train the clouds came rolling and the rains poured down with a vengeance. I was praying that the weather would improve but it did not. Luckily I had packed rain macs for all of us just in case. I also ended up buying an umbrella to help protect my camera as I still wanted to film and take pictures.

The procession was alright. It definitely had more participants than Derby. I liked that there was a variety of people taking part including one of kids and young people who had disabilities some in wheelchairs. Love that they got to take part. The troupes danced from the park, pass the train station and through the city centre and back to the park.

At the park the sun came out. Not sure if I cared too much as I was knackered from walking up that steep hill and not to mention my trainers did not support my ankles well. The queues to get into the park was very long. We were told there are shorter queues if we kept walking round but everybody else was doing the same. All those entrances and yet it was a long process. Adults paid £3 and children £1 at the gate.

It looked like the whole park was set aside for the carnival. There was a stage show, fun fair, stalls, food drink and football. So much to enjoy. With the sun becoming warmer it just made the day even better.

Which carnivals in England do you go to?

I encourage everyone to go to Carnival and support the local communities. Its a legacy and its good to enjoy culture.