I really have fallen of my get fit initiative. I was on a roll. During summer I could see that my legs looked more solid and I was making progress. I registered onto a course which has taken up some time and my get up and go to the gym has gone. To make it worst my favourite gym instructors for classes have been replaced. New is always nice but if I have been doing Zumba and sweating loads to hardly bussing a sweat something is out of sync. The new instructor she is nice as can be expected but I want Zumba not classic aerobics.

I have now cancelled my gym membership. I have a 3 month notice period. If my situation changes and I can guarantee that I can get there 2 times a week for a minimum 1 hour than I will cancel or re-join. A cheaper option for me is using the council gyms. I can purchase a discount card and simply pay as I go which is what I used to do. However an even more affordable solution is working out at home. I have so much resources available to me. I have even discovered many classes are on youtube.

It feels like my gym leaving is a defeat but it does not have to be. I saw some pictures of me recently and I do not like what I see. I feel like I have gone beyond what I would want. Plus I plan to do more sports with my sons. I have a plan for them to gain skills I learned on the streets in LA when I was little. It is unfortunate this day and age that children are forced to be sheltered but as a mother I must not let that hold me back.

I want to get Insanity as the results seem amazing. However my 1st challenge is to complete Gillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd. I might go to the gym during notice period to try boost myself where possible. Though I know both gym and home workouts work I just have to persevere.