Oh my days –

Some people may think I am mad but I tell you I am only determined. Last night I went out to the Edge nightclub to a dance that world known reggae crew Cashmoney was at. The place was live. The mans and ladies were summer bouncing, shankle dipping, holding the line, mad walk etc. The place was proper live. Dancehall Queen Crazy Hype and her crew were there and the night was just nice. But the place was hot though and the camera man video light just added to the heat. Me and my girls were drinking Alize! No champagne this time but many bottles were poppin. I was a bit weary going to nottingham giving the recent shooting of the 14yrs old girl, I pray for her family its so sad. But we have to live life day to day and not let idiots keep us house bound. God did not give us life to waste it away. which brings me to………..

The Church

I got home went to my bed and woke up 4/5 hours later feeling hoarse and tired. But I said I must reach church this morning. I am glad I did. The service was lovely. Guest Pastor from Ghana was there. His sermon was really good. My friends daughter went up to the alter to get prayer but she got scared as people who were being prayed on, the Holy Spirit just overwhelmed their bodies that they fell. It just looks like people are fainting but we know its more than that.

My pastor says to me that I still have not spoken to him yet. I said I have been putting off. But I will go and see what news God has for me. Mmm, I may or may not share that with you. Everyone who knows me, knows I love going to church. Its the one place where I feel free. I am on my mission to grow spiritually. Many people think I shouldnt go to my bashment dances (reggae dancehall) but my Pastors says its not about where you go but how you conduct yourself.

Stay blessed