Rapper Azealia Banks appeared on HOT 97 recently. The caption of the video says she goes off on TI and Iggy. However when you watch the video and listen to what she has to say, you realise that at 23 years old she already knows how this music business is working. She has an understanding of the media and how it frames “Black” culture away from the very people who produced it. I love the fact that in this interview she remained transparent and unafraid to speak up for what she believes in. Those who do not understand what she is saying will respond negatively. Whilst everyone else will be saying finally a person who is unafraid to say it how it is. Banks is definitely not an “angry” Black woman. She is a lady who is clued up on what happens to Black people, the culture, the music, the perceptions etc and is very passionate about it. A creative soul, who deserves to be heard.