A new website just launched today called Exist Media and was founded by Stephanie Hernandez. The ‘who we are’ section states the following

EXIST (in Exist Media) is loosely based on the philosophy of ‘Existentialism’ – where each takes responsibility for their own free thought and choices. WE then merged this view into a platform where WE can collectively take responsibility and express ourselves ‘in our own words’ on global issues which affect us, our interests and passions.

WE are made up of a collective of creatives dispersed across the African/ Caribbean Diaspora in the UK, Africa, the Caribbean and USA. These creative contributors come from the world of broadcast/ print media, fashion, arts, music and design alongside our next generation of talent who have an interest…….(source)

I have had a browse of the website and it does look good. Take a browse and you might find you like what they have to offer.