I feel completely at a lost right now. I was made redundant and was not able to secure more work. I am making use of a work placement company. I am not sure if that is how you would describe them. Basically the company I worked for pay them to help us find work. They are definitely 100% better than the Job Centre and are more realistic. When I am back in work fully I will speak of my experiences. So far not great. As for the council that is even worst. 
Did you see the X-factor? Oh my days I thought the finale was a complete anti-climax. You just knew who the producers wanted to win. It was too obvious this year. Congrats to Little Mix being the 1st group winners. As I have said on other social platforms. The fact they are female should give them an edge. No male singer has actually done well post first single or album if they were lucky.
I have not developed this blog the way I wanted to, but hopefully that will change. Plus my faith blog will see more regular postings. Both should get a facelift soon. Especially this one. It needs brightening up.
One more thing I am finally making use of my .com. The tech guys at my Domain registrar did all the techie stuff for me. After I has tried and wiped my url off the web. Silly me. Anyway you can update your  bookmarks to www.lushesbrownthoughts.com . However if you choose not to that is okay as it will auto-redirect.
I am rambling but I just feel so down and stuck. Praying for change in (early)2012.