I recently took one whole week off the gym. Only because it is the school holidays and had plans. I spent the time at the park and going places with my children. I actually missed my time there. I also began last week with a sore throat that depleted some of my energy so technically I was resting.

I am a bit disappointed BodyPump has not been on for a few weeks. I am going to book myself into that class and see if it materialises. My gym has a system that requires people to book into classes but can do so on the day. Something needs sorting out.

Sometimes I wish I did not let so many people know I am a gym member. People cannot help say something negative even though their intention is good. Just very ill measured if that is a term. I went from a week of compliments on how strong my legs and thighs was looking in my leggings (I have never had a wobble situation thereabouts only bingo wings) to being asked what exactly do I do at the gym. I also got talking to about foods and the usual stereotypical things people say to you when you are plus pounds.

I have not been going to the gym that long and right now my focus is not all about weight loss, but about fitness levels. I feel the need to move more and be active. When I am at home I have not got oodles and boodles of snacks running through my mouth down my oesophagus to my stomach at all. I feel my weight gain is down to many factors including lack of physical activity and my diet not being the most balanced. Having said that I just need to add more variety to my diet and ensure breakfast is not skipped, which these days it rarely is.

Magazines write articles everyday about what is good and bad for you. My friend showed me an article about carbohydrates and its sugar conversion for rice bananas and more. The thing is unless rice is proven to cause me harm I refuse to let it go. It is staple product in my house. No one is going to tell the Chinese to stop eating Chinese traditional foods are they? I just know when it comes to me I know what I eat what I do not eat and how much more I need to move.

I am proud of the fact that my 1st day back at the gym I worked up a sweat. I also proceeded to walk around ikea and a town centre for hours. I was mash down for a minute. However I was active which is the key reason behind my gym attendance. My cousin has lost 8 stones over the last 3years most of which I believe is recent. She always gives me words of encouragement. She like me does not want to forgo all treats so workouts are done to get rid of extra calories.

I just do not want my friends to hint towards or imply in what they say that the gym is not working or giving me food advice which will not work for me. One of the personal instructors at the gym advised me to simply keep diet balanced, do not give up treats but also vary exercise so your body does not get used it. So I best learn to swim soon so that I can swim and not waddle in the water.

Any of my friends reading this, do not feel that I am dissing you I am just simply saying please be careful how you approach my weight issues. I see myself everyday and put my clothes on everyday. Most importantly I know how my body feels. I could easily take the bad things you say no matter how nice you put it means I am wasting my money and to cancel my gym membership. Though as I joined the gym for me I will not do that I just have to grin and smile and change the conversation.