I decided to have a go at using Gedmatch to further analyse my DNA and find out more about my ethnic origins.

What I have come to find is that there is not a calculator that is solely geared towards someone like myself whose modern ethnic cultural heritage is African-Caribbean. As in my ethnic roots is Africa but culturally and immediate ethnicity is Jamaican or Caribbean. There is a lot of material to read up on the differences on the website and by genealogist who have already done some research prior.

Some of the calculators do show a high level of African Caribbean. Some picked up a small percentage of Indian ancestry which none of the previous companies I used did. All definitely point to West Africa and some also include East Africa. I am still learning. I plan to learn more . In the meantime take a look at m video for more detailed information. Also check out the other videos in the series which can be found on my SoFrolushes Youtube Channel.