I must say I do love Blacknet. It has become a good source for me on finding out current black intellectual thought. Also just a nice gathering of black people discussing various issues not seen in the mainstream press. Anyway in their book section i have been introduced to the work of Chancellor Williams author of “The Destruction of Black Civilisation: great issues of race 4500BC to 2000AD”.

Its like wow. I mean i did know some of the stuff in there but it has put a lot of things into perspective. Black people have so much to be proud of. One thing is for sure I hope i can research some history myself. The book has inspired me to learn more. It covered stuff like the christian fasith system which africans already believed in before the missionaries. it covered impact of christianity followed by islam and the ensuing slavery.

We need more black scholars to tell black history from a black perspective too many historians are wearing blinkers