Wishing you all a blessed and prosperous 2012. 2011 has been a bit of an uphill struggle and blessing rolled into one. But such is life you just dust yourself off and keep it moving. There are so many changes that I want to make in my life. Though I know I need to change my mindset and not just because it is a new year. 
I am not making any New Years resolutions. The decisions I make are life decisions which can’t simply be inspired by the turn of time. Things I have yet to conquer are my weight and my writing. With my weight I just need to motivate myself to get up and go. As I know once I start it will be good. 
As for my writing. It is quite sad when people who have known you from back in the day ask how is your writing going. Only to turn around and say umm not much happening. Even harder is when they say  but why your xyz good etc. Thankfully God has blessed me with a fabulous cousin who is an aspiring writer. She really encourages me to get back in the habit and gives me loads of positivity. Also I do know a published writer who encouraged to me to keep at my blog just to get me back in the habit of writing. 
I am very eager to get a job and see the back of any government institution. They make me feel worst than they ought to. I have a lot of people tell me that I should get a job I want to do instead of just work but I just want to write. So any job that pays the bills will do especially if it does not emotionally drain me. 
I wish you all the best in 2012 and hope and pray that your mind and spirit is renewed. So that this year will be different to last year.