Having done some research and taking tips from other parents. I may delay buying Reading Reflex and concentrate on buying great books with good story lines and animation that I read to my children and they try to read back to me. Dr Seuss does seem to be a favourite amongst many readers. I have a complete set of Oxford Learning Tree books. I will refer to Phonics for Dummies at times as I do have it and may as well make use of it.
My friend put me in touch with her friend who is a teacher. She does 121 tutoring and actually teaches Reception class. It will cost me £15 for an half hour session. During the school holidays I intend to use her expertise once a week and then when he is back at school I may swap to 1hour sessions every other week. I hope by doing so he gets his basic reading level where it needs to be. He is just below the expected target. Now the teacher feels nothing to worry about at this stage however I am choosing not to wait till the end of year 1 before I act. 
Have you done anything to help with your children’s literacy? What tips can you give me?