I remember when all I used to care about was my dancehall bashment and doing the latest yard dance. Or the latest American dances just to keep me connected to the lands that help raise me. Anyway I came across this video on Youtube and thought to share it on every social platform I know. The dances remind me of a time when Reggae Dancehall was more about telling a story and less about just bruck it down etc.
It features a song called Change Your Life by Oh Vera. The video is made in Ghana and features the Accra Mall and a beautiful scene on the beach. I love how this video is getting so much love as it shows that Africa is not what the western governments and charities always claim Africa to be. This video just makes me want to visit Ghana even more. Especially with my sons so they can see all that is good and not just what needs improvement.
I hope you enjoy the well choreographed Flash Mob Dance. I hope to see more of these. Nice to see African popular music in the mainstream.