A group of best friends known collectively as JLS which stood for Jack the Lad Swing. The entered the UK talent contest the X-Factor and was mentored by Louis Walsh on the show. They came second to winner Alexandra Burke.  JLS released their 1st single Beat Again back in 2009 and was a success straightaway. They went on to sell over 10million records and garnering several number 1’s and top chart hits. They gave their audience a mixture of Pop and R&B.
Their latest effort did not bring in the numbers their record company brought in. Yet they were still popular lads. So I am still in shock from yesterdays news that they have called it quits. It seems from what I am reading the record company put the nail in. It is not unusual to have an occasional bad run. Most success stories hit bumps in the road along the way. The UK music industry is so fickle that they are quick to drop you once you have a dip in sales and especially for “certain” types of singers and groups.
I was enjoying JLS’ music of late. I liked the direction they were going into. One thing is for sure many hearts have been broken. Even people who did not vibe to them were sadden by this news. I hope the truth is not that Sony has pushed JLS aside to give 1Direction more spotlight. Why is it in the UK we cannot have many successful and not just one great hope.
Marvin has put together a JLS mixtape to celebrate the phenomenal success of the group. Their tour at the end of the year is now a farewell tour and tickets sales are doing well. Marvin, Oritse, J.B. and Aston you guys have done so well. So proud of your success. Wish you all the best for the future.