Ok I know I am a little late with my thoughts on X factor. I used to do a lot of singing and that just trailed off. But I do love listening to and watching people sing. This years X-Factor seems like the best ever.

The girls were the superior group, they could all sing. Though that Diana …hmm… I don’t know about her. Her voice was just different and she too came across as different. One girl left the competition, cannot remember her name, and she had a wonderful voice.

Anyway cannot be bothered to get into a full critique. But my thoughts in general are as follows. This was the best final ever. When Leona won that was just cut and dry. She was simply the best. Fast forward to 2008. You have Eoghan, JLS and Alexandra Burke. All really good singers.

I was rooting for JLS and Rachel Hylton throughout the show. When Rachel left it was like what now. Alexandra got great reviews but I didn’t quite get her. I thought her voice did this hoarse thing. Her voice reminds me of Brandy. According to Wiki Brandy is a contralto. Anyways she sang Toni Braxton Unbreak my heart and I started warming to her but then she does Beyonce.

You have to be very brave to do a Beyonce ballad. She nailed it with “Listen”. So you know when me and my sistren Tan was watching the final what our reaction was like. Alex starts singing Listen in the final and I am thinking there is no way Bey is coming on. But oh my days she did and the duet was awesome. My favourite part is when the song reaches …..”you don’t know what”. Somewhere in the climax. I loved the way it ended.

Alexandra during the performance was so real. She was in shock awe and I could see her say “wow” as she took a deep breath. It looked like Beyonce gave her a confident nudge. She even gave her some encouraging words.

By the way I am not a rock chick but I loved the way rocked out “If I were a boy”. That man in the audience must have been so blessed when she caressed his face. He looked it.

So yeah when they announced Alexandra as the winner, that was a classis Kodak moment. She was speechless and so thankful. If only I had a freeze shot.

I pray that Simon Cowell does her justice and gets real songs and music in place and keep her young. Could tell Simon was rooting for her. His compliments speak volumes.

I see JLS having a career. Not sure if it wil be international though. I so would love one of their hoodies. They are beautiful

Anyway here is a link for the single Hallelujah. Catch it while you can. Doesnt she look like a star.

Here are some links if you wish to listen to her sing or follow her career