Do you remember the British soul group Eternal. I sure do. I was one of their fans, bought just about every single that I could afford to. Their first single ‘Stay’ came out in 1993 and was a hit both here in the UK and in the USA. Louise (Nurding) Redknapp was in the group too along with sisters Esther and Vernie.

Well my friend invited me to a church event yesterday. It was something to do with the Alpha course. Kelle was the special guest who would be speaking on her journey in faith. The night began with drinks and free food. I was not pleased with the food as I 99% do not like Indian food. I saved 1% for the Nan bread. At a push the chicken that’s yellow.

So after an introduction Kelle walked up threw the crowd. She looked so beautiful. She did not look like she has aged at all. She is so slim and trim and came across very approachable. She began talking about how she got into the music business.

She won a beauty contest at age 2 and was spotted as having potential. This lead to her pursuing the performing arts and was granted a scholarship to the Italia Conti Academy. There she met Louise Nurding. Of which they later formed a group with sisters Esther and Vernie. They became very successful.

The group Eternal after losing Louise, who chose to go solo, continued to make hits and sell sell sell. However one day it seems they grew apart. It was in the press that Kelle was kicked out and that their was some tension between her and the Bennett sisters. Girl groups huh.

Well she explained that she was brought up in the Christian faith and chose to do her own thing when she was old enough. She strayed far away from those values but still went to church as and when. She even met the Pope during her girl group days. She felt God’s presence during an alter call. When she was younger she thought all that went on at the alter was fake as you do when you do not have spiritual knowledge.

Her life was good. She had money in the bank a career and all was good. Then one day she received a letter from the solicitor of the Bennett sisters stating that she had been sacked from the group. Her solicitor had a copy. In fact the entire press and music industry were sent a copy. She went onto say that she basically stayed in because of the shock and shame. She fought them in court and due to that litigation she had no access to her money etc.

Kelle was due to release a single and her debut solo album. However one day she woke up in bed and found that she had lost the feeling in her finger. This soon spread across her body. Her hair fell out and she was covered in ulcers from head to toe. She was diagnosed with Lupus which is an incurable disease. She broke down in tears at this point. Kelle went onto say that God spoke to her and told her all will be well. Her incurable illness Lupus can no longer be found in her system and has not taken any medication for the last 8yrs. Wow. So happy for her.

Kelle is still performing. You can see her in the play ‘Torn’ which is about a love between an African and West Indian in London. The play will be shown across the UK.

I suppose you have to have an understanding of the power of God to appreciate where she was and where she is now. Her healing has no medical reason. They just accept that her body has been healed from that life threatening incurable disease. The doctor told her it was in remission Through out her career in Eternal, Kelle said that she kept hearing the Lord reach out to her. She is blessed and still here and shares her story in the hope that you will be blessed too.

Here is a video of her 1st solo single which became her last. She currently does theatre and pantomime and reality TV.

Check out her MySpace and her official website.