In December I joined some friends for a night of fine dining. We went to Dovecote Restaurant by Morely Hayes which is set neatly in the Derbyshire countryside.

The journey to the restaurant was not long at all and quite easy to find. Especially if you know the country lane roads well. If you do not like country lanes and no street lights there are other routes to travel to get there. I am so not the one for country lanes though.

As we approached the Christmas decor was fab and just looked gorgeous.
The restaurant itself was very warm and cosy inside. They had a very talented piano/keyboard player in the bar area. As we waited for our table to be ready he asked us for our song choices. He listened to a song and then played each one effortlessly. Stormzy, Blinded by your grace and Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Your Spirit were two of our choices. We were all very impressed.

The waiting staff were friendly and courteous. The food was a set menu. I am not adventurous with food especially when paying a premium price so I just stuck to what I knew I would be ok with. For my starter I had cod.

This was followed by my main of steak and chips. The presentation of the steak was lovely. My dessert was mango sherbet and passion fruit. The topping was so sweet. Too sweet for me and I like sweet things.

Our meal was completed with a hot drink after dessert. I opted for ginger tea. All in all it was a lovely experience and night out with friends. I hope to visit again when there is not a set menu so that I can try something else.