It looks like I need to invest in a new dvd player as the overly basic one that is in the house has no remote control. I was geared up ready to get my workout on only to find I could not navigate the dvd menu not even manually. Thankfully my laptop was able to sit on the sofa and help me out. Not sure I can cope 30 days like this at all.

So today I did level one of 30 Day shred. It starts off okay than becomes more repetitive and intense. I was not able to find my exercise matt which something tells me someone has thrown away. I will have another look for it before having to pay out for another. The floor exercises where always going to be a pain in the back for me. I am assuming its my pelvic or hip bum or spine tail end whatever. Anyway its the bottom of my spine and above my bum that bit always feels tender when I lie down on a hard surface. I used my hands to add extra cushion which seemed to work out fine. Jumping jacks were not easy. I had to do some momentary poses.

So my fitness levels definitely need turning up.  But I did it, I made a start now the real challenge begins perseverance.