I know this post might not even interest many, but there will be parents who can relate to what i am experiencing for the 1st time. Potty training my 1st born son. Luckily his nursery has been pro-active in starting him off and encouraging him. I used to just get the pull-ups and get him to sit on the potty or the loo.

The toilet seemed to be a winner. I am just glad my husband has finally started to listen to me. Before the situation was he would ask to use the toilet but not wee. He would just sit there for a minute say he was finished and ask for some loo roll.

Now he uses the loo for all his bodily functions. Its just watching him and checking for the signs that he needs to go. I caught him today so engrossed in ‘Handy Mandy’ he just held himself and crossed his legs. Luckily i got him on the potty in time. I loved it when he said, “finished mummy”.

But here comes the crunch. I will need to start taking him out soon without a pull up in sight. Mmm do i buy a travel potty and where exactly can that be used. A toilet seat or what else is there. He is a boy, guess i will need to teach him how to stand and aim. Yes i like that, he will definitely spend more time observing how daddy uses the loo. Mmm guess i will need to check out my favourite pregnancy and parenting forum over at www.bounty.com , i know there are many mums on there who can help me with my dilemma.