Before the year ended, i gave birth to my second son. I was sooooo praying and hoping as each week went by that he would wait till his due date. I had visions of giving birth on my birthday. Many friends and colleagues were told that i wanted to be remembered too. People thought that was funny but i was serious.

Like my first prince i prayed for my second. I asked the Lord in prayer on a day of expectant prayer that i wanted another child. I also added i wanted a girl. I still do. However the Lord provided and I have now been blessed with two beautiful princes.

As before didnt have any complications with this pregnancy. Due to a history of pre-term birth, well just my 1st born being born 7 weeks early the hospital consultant kept a close eye on me. I had 5 scans in total and on occasions was seen by the medical professions every week. Yet all boxes checked out okay. They still have no clue why i had a pre-term birth.

Anyway this is what happened. My birth story.

I had spent the day visiting my friend who was down from birmingham. I washed her hair over a bathtub (crazy i know) blowdried it etc. Thats as far as it goes for me doing someones hair. My son was quite restless and woke up hot and feverish, so he was allowed to stay in our bed whilst he was calmed down.

I wake up early hours of friday morning and turn over slowly in bed to lye on my other side and hear a pop. I went to the loo and thought something seems different. As i am walking back to the bedroom i am literally leaking. I know, too much information huh. I wake hubby to tell i think my waters had broke. The hospital tell me to come in for an assessment. I am feeling faint pains on the way there.

I am examined routinely and was given the option to go home untill pains increase. Also an induction is booked incase i dont go into labour within 48hrs. By around 7am pain is licking me. I am on the floor and wake hubby again to tell him to go shop for paracetemol. He asked me about the pain and was like call the hospital.

Just so you know, this pain was not sending me loopy like you see on both fictional and factual based pregnancy programs. It was just a bad period pain that made me stop in my tracks whilst the pain rippled through my stomach and sides. Hubby was like hurry up quick, he helped me dress and put my shoes on. Bless him. Men can be useful sometime 😉 .

At the hospital they was taking what seemed like forever to admit me and give me my pain relief. I had a thing about pain relief because 1st time round I didnt even so much as get gas and air. Yet it was not as painful either. This time round once in the room i was given gas and air and was sooooo disapointed. I thought it would make me giggle or take the pain away. I was soooo disapointed I said to the lovely midwife its not working I need something stronger. She was an honest midwife though. She said ‘I dont know what it helps but it does help something’.

I gave birth on my knees leaning over the top end of the raised bed. Midwife had rubbed my back which felts oh so good. I asked hubby to do the same and that seemed soooo much better than the gas and air. There were concerns about the heart rate but was still able to get a jab of pethodine. But by the time that took effect i had given birth.

Midwife was like wow, you went from 6 to 10 in half an hour. She said my labours are quick. I agree. 1st son 4hrs for the first stage and 24 minutes second stage. This birth labour was down as 2hours 1st stage and 5 minutes for the second. I am not complaining.

He had a low blood sugar level so they did heel prick tests every 3 hours and his feeds were regulated. Finally got to go home.

I am blessed with 2 sons and see them being an unstoppable and blessed duo.

P.S. no 2 pregnancies or births are the same. who knows if have more they will face the correct way round and my back wont be in so much agony.