Over the past few weeks my routine has been Mondays Body Pump and Wednesdays Zumba. After some workouts I go to waddle in the pool and relax in the jacuzzi.  Due to my responsibilities I have missed 2 weeks worth of Zumba. So I just do a normal gym workouts. The other days is just regular gym workouts.

Yesterday I decided to push myself a little bit and added a mini run into my treadmill workout. However I can do 30 second bursts and  then go back to walking and repeat few minutes later. I endeavour to build up to 1 minute and longer. My only concern is the sports bra. I am just not convinced by them. So I am going to look to see if I can find an underwired one. Alternatively I will have to wear a normal bra with the sports bra over it for added support. My cousin tells me she wears 3 sports bra at once just to get the support she needs.

I will be hopefully be doing some other gym classes but as it is now the school summer holidays my time is going to be restricted. I am praying it will not be a set back. Next I do intend to look at doing a food diary. Though I have always found this task very tedious.