So, many years ago I wanted to make youtube videos. I was a bit shy. However I slowly began adding random videos but ended up creating a whole new channel SoFrolushes TV. Which has been focused on Hair Beauty DIY and shopping.

I have now decided to make more use of my other channel SoFrolushes. There I will share future vlogs, reflections on life and social commentary. I am just building up my confidence. At my age I still need to work on it. All my future book reviews will be there too.

Now that Youtube has stopped monetizing both of my channels I am free to just enjoy making videos without thinking of all the other stuff that goes with it. So if there is any topic you would want me to explore please leave me a comment. I will probably change the banners on my channels once I find a design I like.

Below are some videos from my SoFrolushes channel. So go ahead and watch and subscribe.