For many years I have had a fitness blog which has changed over the years. My purpose in keeping those blogs separate was because I thought it would help me focus. However my weight is not yet conquered and so having a dedicated blog to fitness and health is just not working out. I am not giving up though.

That Sweet Sugar Dumpling will no longer be updated. Instead all my future fitness posts will form a part of this blog SoFrolushes. I will bring over some posts from my fitness blog. The ones that I think will be of benefit. I just want the simple life.

SoFrolushes essentially will be true Lifestyle blog. My intention is that future posts will be diverse but not all over the place. Lifestyle and Beauty plus what can fit comfortably inbetween.

My faith blog Faith and I will still remain as is. Thus I only have 2 blogs to dedicate myself too without thinking oh no I need to post over there.

You can also find me on Youtube SoFrolushesTV which I share Beauty and Health etc

My other channel which I will start using for Lifestyle vlogs and Reflections Inspirations is SoFrolushes

So please go ahead and sub to my Youtube Channels and Bookmark my Blogs both are on Bloglovin