It has been a long time since I wrote on here. I have taken advantage of the current offers and joined Weight Watchers again. In the past when I joined I lost weight. So I figured as online registration is free and I can get some money back through a cashback website, why not. As my scales batteries died I missed the £30 cashback and will only get £15 but that is still good.

My weight has not really changed much at this stage. So next week I will be monitoring my point closely. Things I will not consume are the starbucks hot chocolate that they sell at work. It is made from fructose syrup. I have read about that stuff being very bad for you.

Oh and I have decided to care a bit more about my appearance. I will attempt to wear some eye shadow everyday to work. I will not be doing my 3/4 shades contoured and blend glam eyes but I will wear something. I feel if I take pride in my appearance I will feel better.

It was my birthday in January and I wore a figure hugging dress with one shoulder. Shocker. I have not worn dresses like that n years. I have always hated my arms so I was quite pleased I overcame that. One of my friends said because of my shape such dresses suit me best and that I should not be wearing the baggy clothes and things

I like baggy clothes just for comfort and my bust is huge so mmm I just do not know.