I think that the easiest way is to workout in the morning before eating. Once I have eaten its just not the same. I managed to get back my small dumbbell set back from my brothers. It really makes a difference to the workout. It gives me that feel afterwards of truly working out in such a small space of time.

One of the major problems I am experiencing is the jumping jacks. Sports bra just do not help. I have no idea whose idea it was that sports bras did not need wires. Wires in bras equal support right. I found that I may have strain a boob ligament. May not be right term but I was in pain. So not to give up I simply hold my chest and jump. It means I am pain free. Of course it would be more beneficial for me to use my arms but until I can get a solution this will have to do.

I found my very basic exercise matt. It makes the world of difference. Back is still a little sensitive but I use my hands to help out. My children seem very entertained by watching me workout. One will join in for ten minutes the other gives me a running commentary. He wants to know why I am on level 1 and not level 2. I had to kick them out the room so I can concentrate. At one point I stopped replying to them just so I can concentrate.