Last week was half term in the UK, so most school kids were off school for the week. I decided to visit my hometown London for a quick fly by visit. Also to get the opportunity to se my friends gorgeous baby and catch up with friends. I was not able to visit family just because of the distant and travelling with kids would have been too much hassle for me.
This visit reminded me that I hate the Underground. I just feel that some lines are so dusty and hot and sticky and well I just never liked it anyway. When I lived in London I avoided that as much as possible. Though this time around I must say I do appreciate it as it shortened my journeys a lot. Though so far Kings Cross / St Pancras is the only station that wins hands down for accessibility. Many tourists pour through that station and clearly when they gave it an upgrade that was part of the design. They have lifts. Stairs and escalators are awful when it comes to travelling with kids in or out of pushchairs.  Not to forget luggage.
It does make me wonder how disabled people are supposed to get around when all these stations do not have such access. Britain is surely not quite there.  I have been on the underground over the past years with a 3 wheeler a child in a stroller child in hand and luggage in tow. Awful awful
On a brighter note I am appreciating that underground train a bit more even though it makes me feel a tad claustrophobic.