I have been at my current job for 5 whole years. It has been a love hate relationship. Only because I took the job when made redundant on maternity leave over 5 years ago. It is a job at the end of the day and my bills get paid bit by bit. So for 5 years service you are given 500 points to spend in a catalogue which equates to about £50. You can buy more points if you choose but I decided it was not worth me doing so.

I chose these cute little Le Creuset soup bowls that come with lids. I have 2 pairs but no idea what or how to use them. When we have soup in my family we a need a big bowl as Jamaican soup is a hearty meal that is filling to the core filled with dumplings yams green banana etc etc. Well I might discover something for them in the future. Any ideas please let me know.

Oh I also chose this Elemis facial gift set that comes with skin peel and cream mask. I was disappointed at the size as they are small travel sizes. Though as I did not pay for them I suppose I cannot complain. I have yet to try these products on my face.