I have wanted the Nutribullet for so long but have never really saved for it. Around my house there are plenty of different blenders from traditional to I did not even know that was a blender. I do have the Ninja Masterprep already which I love. But I wanted to have something that was more compact and could leave out on display in my house and get better portion control. My kitchen is compact enough and I pray daily for a new home with big accommodating interiors everywhere.

So I came across this Groupon deal the other week. It was for £20 for a 3 cup set or £24 for a 5 cup set. I chose to get the 5 cup set. So should I decide to be really dedicated I can do some meal prepping and have the smoothies prepared in each cup leaving me just to blitz and go. This particular brand is called Cooks Professional. It comes with 2 bladed and few different sifter lids. Plus a lid for each cup plus a liner type lid/edge covering.

It operates just like the Masteprep in that you give it small prolonged bursts. There is a warning sticker which says to use for 30 seconds at a time and to give it a 30 second break. That is okay and workable.

My first use I made a basic banana smoothie for my kids. Then I made a mix of Kale, Apple and Frozen Mangos with a splash of water. I am amazed at how well it works. I must say this combo was not nice for me. It needed something else. Yet my youngest child thought it was nice. So yeah I am going to have work on some recipes going forward.

Feel free to share with me some recipes.